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Kids Fly glasses. Wear and see theworld as a fly does
Fly eye specs
Fly eye specs
Fly eye specs

Fly eye specs

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See the world through the eyes of an insect with our value Fly Eyes Glasses Bug Specs. The white plastic frames with golden eyes feature multifaceted lenses for a wonderful and weird funky focus, just like a bug's eyes! Fly Vision is a unique prismatic view of our world! Make a science project and experiment with optics, perception and insect vision. 

Age: 4 +

What you get

Fly Eyes Glasses Bug Specs. White plastic frame with golden lenses.  

How does it work?

Whatever you are looking at is broken up into thousands of different images by the multifaceted lens. The light bending effects of these glasses are very cool, and it's a neat way to see everything around you differently! Just how the compound eye of an insect sees the world.


  • Light and colour principles
  • Multifaceted lenses
  • Insect vision
  • The workings of a compound eye