Wooden board to teach space and distance language to children
Learning space and distance viga toys

Learning space and distance

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Space and distance can be difficult to learn. To help your child develop this important life skill, this toy is perfect. Spatial awareness helps with so many vital life skills, hand eye co-ordination, distance and size. 


This learning space and distance toy is made of solid wood and contains blocks with a base pad with grooves. Children are able to put these blocks into the grooves and create whatever a layout they want. Once the pieces are in their spots, you can develop language such as 'in front', 'behind', 'next to' and talk about how far apart each piece is. 


Develop language and early maths concepts with this wonderful wooden toy. 


This set contains 20 blocks, 1 flip over board (green on one side, blue on the other) with grooves to fit the tiles and 5 double sided cards to copy the designs of. 


Age : 18 months +


Size of board : 23cm x 11cm x 2cm 


All Viga Toys are made of non-toxic paints and inks fully compliant with (or over) the latest EN71, ASTM, ST & GB6675 toy safety standards.