Sequencing - A must have skill

🚦The importance of learning Sequencing 🚦

Sequencing is the foundation to all understanding!!!

It is the ability to logically put in order events, images, thoughts and actions.

We use sequencing in so many things that we do, with out sequencing your child will have difficulty with:

   Following directions
  Coming up with ideas
 Processing/understanding information
↘  Language development – words and sounds
  Meeting / achieving goals

You can not get the same result if you start in the middle of the actions required in a sequence.

An everyday example would be going to the bathroom you:

Open the door, go in, pants down, go to the toilet, get toilet paper, wipe, pants up, use soap, use water, dry hands, open door, walk out.

You cant wash your hands first or go to the toilet before you have pulled your pants down.
-- A few Games that can help in a fun way --


The 4 Colour slide game .....


Life cycle sequence game.....

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