Calendar - Learning days, weeks, months, seasons

The Calendar is one of the most important inventions in human history.


Calendars are generally taught in early Primary school, however introducing younger children to the basic knowledge and language is beneficial to lay the foundations for later learning.
There are so many things to learn, so many concepts that depend on knowing other concepts. It can become very overwhelming and confusing for children.


Need HELP with where to start? Here is my suggested order ....
1. The names of the days of the week
2. That there is 7 days in a week
3. The order of the days
4. The names of the Months of the year
5. The amount of days in the months 30/31 etc (Leap year concept introduce then go back to later)
6. That a year is 12 months
7. The order of the months
8. Seasons


Make learning fun... Let children check of the days until their birthday, ask them what day/month is before or after etc.


Check out our many learning calendars ...
To make learning FUN for primary school children check out our Colour your own Calendars...
Children can colour a picture each month, enter the days for each month and then use to mark important dates and cross off days etc as they go.

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